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Anisha Singh

Executive Director, Sikh Coalition

Anisha is a civil rights leader with more than 15 years of experience in public interest and social justice issues, legal and policy advocacy work, and grassroots organizing.

As a first generation Sikh woman who grew up in the United States, Anisha has had a passion for defending the civil rights of the Sikh community since the earliest days of her career. Like many Sikh Coalition staff, board members, and sevadaars, the backlash against our and other communities after 9/11 shaped her early career. In the face of that hate, Anisha quickly came to believe that advocacy and education were essential to raising Sikh awareness and not just explaining but celebrating Sikhi and Sikhs’ contributions to our nation. She began volunteering with the Sikh Coalition in the months that followed, and the relationship deepened further in 2005 when, as a college student, she drafted, advanced, and delivered a resolution to a Florida state prison that was denying an incarcerated Sikh man the right to maintain his kesh. Thanks to our work together, that community member was ultimately transferred to a different facility that agreed to respect his articles of faith.

Prior to joining the Sikh Coalition, Anisha led the courts and democracy programs at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, where she developed strategies to both protect reproductive healthcare in U.S. courts and find ways to bring the levers of power in government and voting systems back to the people as the Director of Judiciary and Democracy Affairs. Before her time at Planned Parenthood, she held two positions at the Center for American Progress (CAP), including Senior Organizing Director for Generation Progress and Campaign Manager at Legal Progress, as well as a policy attorney and project manager position with United Sikhs. Throughout her career, she has fought for the civil rights of all through work on legislation, direct lobbying, and organizing, and she brings additional expertise around core areas of the Sikh Coalition’s work, including anti-bullying efforts, employment discrimination, and accommodations for articles of faith.